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Lisa Naples

Ceramic Artist

A long studio career has given my life continuity: an intimate relationship with creativity. At this point, clay and I are dear, old friends. My experience in the studio is a conversation; a collaboration with something unseen, but felt and understood.


I have found myself shape-shifting a number of times. In the earlier years I felt quite comfortable claiming the title of “Potter” or “Thrower”. But as time went by, the wheel became no more important than a rolling pin... a tool to help me bring forth an idea. And pots yielded space to explore sculpture. In recent years, labels have become harder to assign. They seem too confining: “Potter”, “Sculptor”, Painter, “Storyteller”… I leave it to the viewer and the lens of time to decide. I am in service to bringing persistent ideas into form.


In 2021 I moved my studio, home and classroom to Frenchtown, NJ after 27 years in Doylestown, PA. My studio practice and impulse to create community has found fertile ground in this loving place.

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Recent Works

Selected Works: 2013 - 2023

Lisa’s Artist Blog

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