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“Home” - Hare Sculpture

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Hare Sculpture




Doylestown, PA

I found myself in this position often over the past year. It’s been a year of deep growth and, as love would have it, accompanying pain.

When I get very still and question the beliefs I’m holding about others, the practice of this inquiring consistently brings me back to my own dear self. I find the conflicts w/in me, which point me to where my work is: inside.

Whenever I think my pain is being caused by another, I question my thinking and set myself free. Free to come home to me.

H-25” x W-17” x D-17” 2017

Coil/pinched/sculpted hare wired to found, Italian tolle lampshade.

The interior of the base finds buds dangling by braided satin ribbon. The stems of the buds are enameled in gold luster. The source of this growth: a river of gold.

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