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In-Studio Classes

10-week classes run in the Fall, Winter and Spring for the local and regional community. They consist of 3-hours of instruction/week. Classes support skill-building as well as connection to creativity. Learn hand-building techniques for making pottery and sculpture while meeting new friends. Creating a supportive environment in which to learn and grow artistically is the studio’s intention. 


Veering off into your own sensibility is encouraged and sometimes takes a few sessions to achieve. Just know that you’re never locked into the lessons demonstrated. They are launchpads for your personal expression to flourish. And after a few sessions, you may want to work independently in the “Open Studio” Program.  


For those wanting to practice outside of these class periods, unlimited studio time can be purchased for the 10-week period at an additional cost of $100 once classes have begun. See your instructor for details.

Classroom Photos

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