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After registering for an event online, checks or cash must be received within a week. If there is a waiting list for that event, another student will be bumped up into that spot if no payment or communication has been received. Please be sure to finalize payment as soon as possible after registration.


(Does Not Pertain To Workshops)

As we all know, life sometimes throws us a curve ball. For that reason, we have a policy that we hope supports both the participant and the studio: 

Your class/workshop fee is fully refundable if notification comes more than 2 weeks prior to 1st day of the session. It’s refundable by half if received between 7 and 14 days of the start-date. Cancelations that occur less than 7 days before a session (or that happen after a session begins) are non-refundable. These cancelations give the studio insufficient time to replace the seat or to cancel the event should the number of students be marginal.

Although it’s extremely rare, a class/workshop itself can be canceled up to 7 days before an event due to student cancelations bringing the number of participants below 4.


During workshops or multi-week classes, missed classes cannot be made up. However the teacher running your event will do their best to support filling you in on the missed instruction during the following class wherever possible. 3 hours of open studio time are given to students who miss a class during the 10-week sessions.


(different cancelation policy due to the nature of students traveling distances)

Cancelations that take place greater than 1 month prior to a start date are fully refundable (minus a $100 admin fee). Those that come in 2-4 weeks ahead of a start-date are refunded by half. Those that come in w/in 2 weeks of a start date are non-refundable with the following exceptions: illness, accident, death in family. Registrants who fall into one of these noted categories are given a credit for a future workshop of the same or greater number of days.

Snow dates must be held as 'available' by those registering for workshops. If a snow date is made necessary, refunds won't be made due to a lack of availability by the registrant.

Although it’s extremely rare, a workshop can be canceled 14 days before an event due to student cancelations bringing the number of participants below the minimum of 5. Take note, planning your travel and hotel accommodations with 3rd parties like Priceline or Hotwire may incur non-refundable fees. Lisa advises that you book accommodations directly with a hotel that has a 24 hour refund policy. Then when we’re within the 2 week period before a workshop, you can go ahead and book a cheaper rate with a 3rd party and cancel the original booking.

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