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Beginning 2022

There’s a family house in Cape May, NJ that I’ve woven my life through since I can remember. Ocean, Fire, Solitude. It’s from there that I spend the first week of January to imagine, dream and let things be.

It was about now, last year that I first stepped foot into my new home in Frenchtown: a house I’d heard about through a dear friend… one that wasn’t yet listed for sale but was ready to sell. From the moment I stepped in, I knew it was mine. That moment began one of the most magical years of my life.

The new studio came along a few months later (20 paces from my front porch). Classes have begun and the first show and sale, completed. The studio’s reception in Frenchtown has been nothing short of enthusiastic as has been my own personal reception. A year of joyful beginnings has driven the reconfiguration of my life. So much New-ness.

I’m reaching out to you, my website subscribers to thank you for your support, questions and messages of inspiration.

I started the year with a brisk swim in the Atlantic and am including a shot of the ‘before’.

Wishing everyone a clear sense of purpose for 2022. May you be well or at the very least have awareness of your wellbeing, come what may.

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