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Embracing Change

This short excerpt is from an interview (published this week on CLAYflicks). Being interviewed by Jen Harnetty (editor at Ceramic Arts Network) with Kevin Davidson on the camera was a chat with old friends. Made for a very relaxed discussion. I thank LIFE for such gifts which this document is for me: a record of the excitement and energy I first felt after opening my studio here in Frenchtown.

A subscription to CLAYflicks will get you access to the full interview, my instructional videos and webinar, as well as all the other videos in the Ceramic Arts Network collection. And through Tuesday 8/22/23 you can save $40 off an annual subscription with promo code NAPLES40

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1 comentario

Scott Sheldon
Scott Sheldon
18 ago 2023

Very worthwhile, thanks Lisa.

Me gusta
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