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2024 Workshops Go Live Sunday (Jan 21st) at Noon!

Hi Everyone, I've spent the last few days uploading all sorts of treasures to the website in the form of workshops for Spring and Summer. This year, we are graced with so many talented artists from the region to enhance the range and diversity of our offerings. I'm grateful to all these talented teachers (for saying "yes") and excited to share these workshops with you.

This year we'll cover 3 workshops of increasing complexity on Ocarinas (first image below). These will be taught by Elsa Mora; a lifelong artist from Cuba who is the artistic director at the ArtYard here in Frenchtown. Elsa says these are more than musical instruments, they are a way to "sculpt breath".

We also have 2 progressively complex workshops being taught by Jeanine Pennell (2nd image below) on human form, 2 handbuilding pottery workshops by Danish/American clay artist Josephine Mette Larsen, a song-bird sculpting workshop as well as one on understanding underglaze with Tyree Dworak. I'll teach a 1 day bowl making workshop and a 2-day Animal Cups workshop.

There's so much richness to dive into, I hope you'll consider taking the plunge into the warm waters of your creativity. See all of the offerings at noon HERE.

Ocarinas by Elsa Mora

Figures by Jeanine Pennell

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