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Come Make Animal Cups With Me!

On July 20th and 21st, I'll be running my only Summer Workshop: Animal Cups. I cleared my calendar this year to make space for all the meanderings needed to bring forth my upcoming Solo Show at The Michener Museum in Doylestown. I kept this workshop bc it's such a delightful way for both beginners and more advanced participants to go in and explore at their respectful levels of skill. And I LOVE making and using these cups.

The price for this workshop is $395 for 2 intensive days together in our beautiful Frenchtown studio. Come make a cup with your Spirit Animal or pet or maybe you'll want to go toward a botanical direction and do flowers instead. All are possibilities. The main thing is to give creativity some room to roam. We'll cover basic slab building skills and sculpting additions. We'll also be decorating all of it with colored slips and underglazes. I'll do the final glazing after the workshop is completed and contact everyone when things are ready for pick up.

Participants who take this workshop become eligible to join the Summer Open Studio Program at a reduced rate and continue their practice through August at Lisa Naples Clay Studio.

For info on all other workshops, click HERE.

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