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Flower Holder Workshop

  • 30Days





I’m thrilled to begin offering online workshops from my studio. It’s been a long time coming and we’re starting with a doozie! These flower holders are a design I came up with (30 years ago) out of the desire for a low-profile, dinner table vase. When I brought this and other dart-cut pots into my classroom this Spring, everyone wanted to make these. So, in addition to doing it in the classroom and as a 2-day workshop this Summer, I’m offering it out to the larger world as a “demo-style” 2-hour webinar. Join me and watch the making of one of these pots from start-to-finish in 2 hours. Of course it will have taken me about 8 hours to prep in order to do this in 2 hours so please don’t try to work alongside the demo. Bring only your full attention and ask me questions! You’ll have the recorded video for 30 days after the workshop to slow it down and work along with the steps of the project. Skills covered: slab rolling and building, dart-cutting, hollow handles, surface decoration.


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