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Make Your Own 4 and 6 Hole Ocarinas

Taught by Elsa Mora

  • Starts Jun 1
  • 395 US dollars
  • Lisa Naples Clay Studio

Available spots

Course Description

Enjoy the process making two unique ocarinas combining clay, water, fire, and air. In a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, I will take you through the steps for creating your two musical instruments using a kit of tools that I have put together specially for this class. There are many different styles of ocarinas varying in shape and the number of holes. This workshop will focus on two of them: the four- hole and the 6-hole ocarina. You will have the freedom to add volume to the body of the instrument to sculpt a bird, animal, organic shape, or abstract elements. Students will decorate the surface of the ocarinas using two different techniques; one will enhance the beauty of the raw clay and the other will include underglaze. This two-day workshop includes these steps: Day 1 1. Greetings. I will introduce myself briefly and share my experience around this humble instrument as a form of mindfulness. 2. Detailed step by step demonstration of how to build the body of the instrument, the mouth piece, as well as the holes. 3. Then you will hand build your own clay ocarinas following the steps explained previously. I will be available for support, guidance, and troubleshooting during this process. The sound will be tested and perfected in this step. 4. Lunch break. Please bring your own lunch. 5. After building the ocarinas we will focus on adding volume to their bodies in strategic places to make them truly yours and unique in shape. Day 2 1. Decorating. I will teach you how to burnish one of your ocarinas using an agate tool. After the surface is smooth, (this will take some time), I’ll teach you how to make different decorative marks on the surface. 2. Lunch break. Please bring your own lunch. 3. Applying underglaze. We will decorate the second ocarina using underglaze in one or different colors depending on your preference. 4. If you feel confident at this point, I encourage you to build a third ocarina using the tools provided and decorate it with underglazes. I will be available to support your process. 5. Lisa will fire your pieces using the right temperature as the last step. You will be able to pick up your ocarinas when ready, or we can pack and ship them to your address.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • 34 Bridge St, Frenchtown, NJ 08825, USA


Cancellation Policy

**PAYMENTS:** -MANUAL payments: need to be paid within a week of registering. - CHECK payments: Pay to "Lisa Naples" at 5 S Harrison St. Frenchtown NJ 08825. - CASH payments: Pay in-person within a week of registering. For CHECK payments, Please make out to “Lisa Naples” and send to: 34 Bridge St. Frenchtown NJ, 08825. For CASH payments, Please pay in-person within a week of registering. WORKSHOP CANCELLATION (different cancelation policy due to the nature of students traveling distances) Cancelations that take place greater than 1 month prior to a start date are fully refundable (minus a $100 admin fee). Those that come in 2-4 weeks ahead of a start-date are refunded by half. Those that come in w/in 2 weeks of a start date are non-refundable with the following exceptions: illness, accident, death in family. Registrants who fall into one of these noted categories are given a credit for a future workshop of the same or greater number of days.

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