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Below is a list of upcoming classes, workshops and shows in chronological order. The list includes: Ceramics, Inquiry and Visual Journal making!!

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“Extraordinary Creatures” at The Clay Studio, Phila.

March 2-26th are the dates for this lovely group show of pots telling stories about animals. To see all the details, click HERE. The show opens at The Clay Studio on First Friday March 3rd. The Clay Studio is located on 137 N 2nd St in Philly.

Philadelphia Potters Tour

April 28-30th, 2017. Come see new explorations of animal figures as well as tried and true pots. I’ll be a visiting artist at the studio of Sandi Pierantozzi and Neil Patterson (2034 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19130) during the first ever Philly Potters Tour. 3 established studios are on this tour and each will have 6 or so visiting artists from around the country. The other 2 studios are Michael Connelly’s and Ryan Greenheck’s. Hours are: April 28th: 3-9, 29th: 10-6 and the 30th: 11-5. For more information, visit Sandi and Neil’s website by clicking HERE.


1st Barn Class with finished Pots

Barn Class with finished Pots

Spring Ceramics Classes. March 7th-April 27th

This time around we’re introducing a Wednesday class in addition to the standing Tuesday and Thursday classes. Pick your day and join us for this 8 week session. Follow your own bread crumb trail of creativity into narrative animal sculptures or slab build pottery and play with illustration on the surfaces. If you’re new to clay, I’ll be offering ongoing projects too. Classes meet 10:00 am-1:00 pm (Tues, Wed or Thurs). The cost for this 8 program ($280) includes clay, slip, glaze, firings and use of studio tools. Optional work time (beyond the class) will be available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1:30-4:00 as well as on Mondays from 8am-4pm for an additional $5/hour (includes all materials and firings). To register, get in touch by clicking HERE.

Learn to Ride the Wave: A generative studio experience. Visual Journal Class: March 10 – April 28th.

This compelling new offering is being taught by Lisa’s colleagues: Carolyn Mercatante, (printmaker) and Deborah Bruns-Thomas, (painter/multi-media). A hunch or a notion are sometimes the seeds of an idea. Join this 8 week session to follow ideas on a wave of discovery. This will be a hands-on studio class revolving around concepts of drawing and printmaking within the personal, explorative realm of sketchbook and journal keeping. We’ll help students foster skills of perceptual thinking, establish a visual journal practice, as well as dispel unconscious and cultural pressures of perfection. Ride the wave in a revelatory experience toward finding and creating a unique visual poem. All skill levels welcome. Cost for the 8 week offering is $200 and does not include materials fee (estimated at $50). Please be directly in touch with Deborah by email: with questions or to register.

2017 Poster

April Retreat in The Work of Byron Katie: Meeting Your Difficult Emotions with Understanding

On April 7, 8 and 9 there will be an introductory retreat in The Work of Byron Katie presented by Tania Fierro. “The Work” (as it’s known) is a way to question the beliefs that underpin our stress. It’s a simple, profound process of self-liberation. Lisa is bringing her teacher, Tania Fierro for the 2nd consecutive year for 1 reason only: to be in service to Peace. Lisa has benefited deeply from her years long practice and simply wants to share a tool that has worked for her.

Tania Fierro was appointed by Byron Katie to head of the worldwide Institute for The Work in 2016. Tania is a profoundly gifted facilitator who has lead workshops in The Work in the following countries: Spain, Ireland, Mexico, The US and Canada. The retreat will take place at the James-Lorah House in Doylestown, PA. Cost is $275. Early bird price is $240 if paid by March 15th. And there is a “Friday Only” option for $60. Some scholarships available. Hours are April 7th: 6-9, April 8th: 9-5 with an hour for lunch and April 9th: 10-1. For questions, phone me: 215-340-0964 or send a contact form by clicking HERE. To register, simply mail a check made out to me to: 2321 Lower State Rd. Doylestown, PA 18901.

Summer 2017 Workshops offered here in Doylestown, PA.

Sculpture: July 17th-21st

Telling stories through animal figures is SO MUCH FUN! You might think it’s too hard or any number of beliefs that keep you from giving it a shot. In my experience making figures is actually easier than making pots. What’s so much harder is finding the WILLINGNESS to start. And I LOVE addressing that very stuck place anyone who has ever tried to navigate these turbulent emotional waters experiences. If you relate to what I’m saying, then come on in, the water’s fine (not shark infested as the mind would have you believe)! We’ll start simply and move to more complexity as the week goes along. We’ll move through construction and surface treatments. And we’ll also play around some with dipping metal and stuffed animals into casting slip for an entirely different approach. The cost for this 5 day intensive is $595 which includes clay, underglaze and a full palette of dry-brush slips. Tools are provided though you’re welcome to bring any favorites. To register or ask questions, click HERE.

Pottery: July 24th-28th

This summer, join me and a small group of committed, passionate artists for a 5-day slab-building workshop. We’ll work on: deepening our studio practice, building skill and cultivating personal vocabulary. The beauty of a 5-day workshop is S-P-A-C-E!!! Space for curiosity, reflection, patience, failure (hopefully lots of failure) and mucho “making”. We’ll move work and ideas through the construction and decorating process. In a 5-day, there’s no time for firing work but that isn’t the point of this endeavor. The point here is to get closer to your own voice and deepen your skills in an intimate, supported setting. The cost of $595 includes clay, underglaze, and a full palette of dry-brush slips. To register or ask questions, click HERE.

Lisa is Taking a Year Long Sabbatical from Traveling to Teach Workshops!

After the extraordinary response to the instructional DVDs that Ceramic Arts Daily produced on my work a few years ago, I found myself compelled to teach at the myriad venues that asked for a visit. It’s been a lot of work, a lot of fun and quite a privilege to travel around the country as I have. From where I sit, I can tell you that the practice of ceramics is alive and well in the USA. All the travel, transitions and twists however have taken a toll on my private practice. I’m aware that I don’t prefer to teach what isn’t alive for me. Teaching what isn’t alive comes more from one’s head than heart. And I’m partial to engaging both when I hold space for people exploring their creativity. So it’s time for me to get quiet here at home… to show up for myself and see what arises. The places I choose to travel are of an “inward” nature for this next year.

If you’re interested in proposing a workshop, please be in touch. I’m open to scheduling workshops that would happen after August, 2017.