Lisa Naples Ceramics – Doylestown PA USA

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Naples-Wagner Satin Clear (cone 1-2)

Naples-Wagner Satin Clear (Cone 1-2)

The Wollastonite is your matting agent here so adjust accordingly

Frit 3134 28.6
Frit 3110 3.9
Lithium Carb. 5.3
Wollastonite 34.0
EPK 25.8
Silica 2.4
TOTAL 100%
Yellow Ochre .48
Black Iron Ox. .48


  1. The Naples-Wagner Satin Clear Glaze should be used at a density of 1.44. Email me if you’d like to purchase a density cup. I import the same kind that I use through my ceramic engineer friend, Karla Wagner from an Italian engineering firm. We do this because they’re hard to come by in the US and when they are available, they’re generally inferior quality or more expensive. Price bound to change over time (but to give you a ballpark, they were $200 ea. in 2013). For a quote, contact me.
  2. In order to get as much satin as possible out of this glaze, it’s best to fire your kiln DOWN. Crystals grow on the cooling cycle between 1900-1400 degrees. I use a final ramp in my firing program that allows for 100 degrees/hour from 1900-1400.

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